Artist Statement

Artist commitment is for me a way of life, a continuation of a family’s history. An invaluable part of my Appalachian heritage is our family’s tradition of craftsmanship. Generations of women in my family have made handwork an integral part of the daily rhythm of life. 30 years of experimentation with various on and off loom weaving techniques has allowed my beading skills to mature into a distinctive individual style. Beaded vessels are my primary focus. Utilizing an ancient netting stitch, a beaded skin is constructed over a hollow form wooden vessel I turn on a lathe. Working one bead at a time, using needle, thread and Czech glass beads the vessel is encased in a network of beads. The completed works are visually rich, enticingly tactile and a pleasure to complete. The skill, patience and commitment necessary to create these beaded vessels is the sustenance of my creative life. Recent work includes collaborative sculptures with my husband, Jack Fifield, an accomplished turner and wood carver. This shared effort further enriches my spirit as our family carries onward its craft tradition.

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